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i've done it! i found out how to turn 4 bits into a color! :D

well okay. that doesn't explain too much, the point is: i want to encode numeric data (such as hashes and public keys, more specifically adresses in bitcoin, tox and other p2p systems) into something visually discernable, because colorful pixel patterns are just easier to tell apart than armies of numbers.

the red channel embodies the first 2 bits in 4 steps [00,66,CC,FF], the green channel embodies the second two, and the blue channel is as a sort of parity, it's the sum of both mapped to [00,80,FF,80,00,80,FF]. most importantly: the colors are pretty. :3

this should be fairly easy to build with js, in fact i kinda did already, but i used some other sort of coding, i don't remember.. :P

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